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"He Is My Father"

A Story About CIA’s Darkest Warriors

by Thomas O'Hare

"Sometimes living for your country is harder than dying for it.
And even more arduous to do both..."

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The official first draft of Chapter 1 is complete and online.

“Like wind sweeping across the continents;
We may feel it's presence and observe it's effects,
yet we fail to see what's right in front of our face…”

Bay of Pigs, Dallas, Congo Rebellion, Watergate, Chilean Overthrow, CIA Domestic Improprieties.
Outright dirty operations by CIA moved to BNDD (DEA) and BUNCIN under the guise "The War on Drugs".
Beginning in WWII with OSS and effectively ending with three Senate subcommittees in 1975.
All persons in this book actually existed and all events actually took place.
This book is fiction because of the narrative, not the content.

In covert operations the common deception is called ‘a box within a box’.
That describes the secret activity no one sees operating within a silent operation.
Effectively you could say it is darkness hidden within a shadow.
Dark Warriors are concealed by Shadow Warriors.
That’s just how Special Ops works.

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