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July 03, 2018

Author's Notes: He Is My Father’ (v.5)

By Thomas O'Hare Thomas@HeIsMyFather.Com

Special Request: I really need feedback. The story should get out as it is truly important. To help it spread people need to enjoy reading it. Please send 'any' feedback to me at the following email address: Thomas@HeIsMyFather.Com


The events in this book will be as accurately described as possible. The book will be released as fiction based on actual events. The reason I must go under a fiction heading is because the people involved in this undertaking did their jobs extremely well. Very little actual documentation exists on their activities. That was the purpose of what they did and why they did it. This group was a layer below the actual CIA field agents who carried out extreme clandestine operations. I am dedicated to publishing an accurate as possible story while keeping it engaging for the reader. Contained is years of memories, research and reflection on 22 years of life with my father and many more years without him. It's also over 10 years of painstaking trial and error to find out I was looking at it wrong. Which forced me to start this project over from scratch for a fourth time in 2017. For a fifth attempt in 2018, I believe I have finally established the correct writing formula. A good mix of fact told in a manner that will make it enjoyable to read. Most names are changed except for historical figures in an attempt at privacy for them and their families.


I did have audio tapes to prove the most crucial aspects of this book. After thrity plus years of guarding them someone I foolishly trusted stole the tapes while I lived in Germany in 2006. I assume those tapes are gone, never to be heard again. I am confident that if they do turn up there will be a price tag attached to them.

It takes a very sick individual to pretend to be a trusted soul for years and then steal your most cherished belongings in hopes of eventually cashing in for big dollars.


Chapter Summary

Chapter 1 – The Dividing Line: Is online for public viewing. No major changes and is rough draft #2. Expect it to have more rough draftes in order to streamline and focus on total content.

Chapter 2 – History and JM/WAVE: Is online for private viewing only. A background history to give the reader a focus and perspective. Without knowing the history/background you would never truly appreciaye the entire story. JM/WAVE turned out to be a critical part of this story.

Chapter 3 – Salzburg: Is online for private viewing only. Chapter 3 focuses on Rick after the fact. His life in Salzburg, Austria, reflacting on his father's life and his own experiences.

Chapter 4 – The Chameleon: Is online for private viewing only. Chapter 4 focuses on the 'Chameleon like' properties Dark Warriors, especially my father, possessed.

Chapter 5 – The Players: Is online for private viewing only. Chapter 5 focuses on the actual Shadow and Dark Warriors, especially Shadow Warriors. I wanted to leave names out but history is very explicit and since so few are involved it would be tough to not know exactly who I refered to.

Chapter 6 – Two Week Brink: Is online for private viewing only. Chapter 6 focuses on the Cuban Missile Crisis. After the Bay of Pigs Fiasco Russia saw Kennedy as an indecisive and weak president. The decision was made in the Kremlin to grant Castro's wish of installing nuclear missiles in Cuba to prevent another invasion attempt. For two week Russia and the United States were on the bring of nuclear war. After Khruschav got what he wanted the decision was made to withdraw the nuclear weapons from Cuba. The result was certain members of CIA's JM/WAVE station becoming totally outraged at the current U.S. President. First, President John F. Kennedy pulled Air and Naval support for the Bay of Pigs operation which doomed the operation. Second, his weakness and indecision came very close to killing millions of Americans.

Chapter 7 – Dallas: President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas on November 22, 1963. It occurred 13 months after the Cuban missile crisis and 31 months after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. Coincidence? Not to the members of the secret CIA station JM/WAVE near Miami. They lost friends and fellow brothers-in-arms at the Bay of Pigs. Their families and friends came closer to being vaporized by a nuclear war then every before or since. And worst of all, they totally lost respect for an American President and Commander-In-Chief.


July 03, 2018

As I begin Chapter 7 – Dallas

For years I had heard rumors of my father's involvement with the Kennedy assassination. I did not want to go there for several reasons. First, it is a serious event that had, and will continue to have, grave consequences. Second, how do you approach this subject? When you are close to a situation, as a professional, you must become completely objective. Third, I did not want to write about this as it has a certain 'nut case' stigma attached to it. There is no shortage of researchers who have weighed in on this topic. Many are consumed by it they inherit the title 'nut case' no matter how well they lay out the facts. Some are taken very seriously. I did not want to taint my book with any type of stigma. I only want to include the facts as accurately as possible.

After researching this book for 40+ years, writing 5 versions over the last 10 years, I found what I believe is a solid trail. Discovering the people I am convinced were the direct link between CIA and my father, I see why things happened the way they did. It is my honest opinion the roots of certain CIA affiliated assets involved indirectly or directly with the Kennedy assassination began at the Bay of Pigs. The Bay of Pigs led directly to the Cuban Missile Crisis. The invasion blunder in Cuba was the root cause of millions of Americans almost vaporized because of one man's missteps. I am convinced members of JM/WAVE were not going to allow the President to put anyone in harms way ever again. He had to be stopped before any further blunders put this country at greater risk. The group deemed President Kennedy extremely dangerous and had to be stopped. Direct action was taken that resulted in the tragedy in Dallas. The group did it to save a country from a President before his blunders kill many more brave men, women and children in America and Cuba.

As far as my father goes, the trail of those involved, certain documents, his ‘up and dying’ along with several pictures has me at over 80% certain he was directly involved in some fashion.

June 30, 2018

First draft of Chapter 6 is completed and online for private viewing only. Only people approved by the author are allowed access to it.

June 2, 2018

Progress is taking place and the book is taking shape. It is starting to really move along at the fastest clip yet. Still need time to do exact reseach and edits. But hope to have a final draft of the book well before the end of 2018. Only the Preface and Chapter 1 are online for public consumption. The rest of the chapters will shared with editors and a smalll select group of readers for feedback.

April 26, 2018

Chapter 1 Rough Draft #2 is online. Strike through font means I intend to delete those items, but left it in for feedback purposes.

Preface has had a very major overhaul. Links and Bookmarks make it simple to find in depth information about topics with just the click of a mouse.

Preface now contains a part that I had given a lot of thought to and did not want to get into. The trick is the more I research the more I find. My problem is I see content one way, then months later see it in a new light – mainly because of the new information I find. Well it happened and so I am going that route. At the very bottom of Preface will be the Table on JM/WAVE and persons and activities. JM/WAVE was the genises of many large and historic activities years later – including the CIA connection to Dallas and the Chilean Overthrow of 1973. This is not hype on Dallas, I'd rather leave it out as to not be called a conspiracy theorist. But it is impoosible for me, as who I am, to ignore what is staring me in the face. And could be the 'real' reason why my father had to 'Up and Die'. Any other explanation does not seem to add up as important enough, but Dallas does.

Chapter 2 is underway and what is slowing me down is the fine timeline. A lot of important events depend on the exact date, place and accuracy of resources. It's tough to do this research and writing without a budget. That causes me to proceed at a very slow rate. I am formulating a timeline that connects a number of CIA resources together to form an event.

Important Events are JM/WAVE, the people at JM/WAVE and reallocation of CIA resources after JM/WAVE. Critical is who became what at JM/WAVE and the type of relationship they formed. Also critical is noting many central figures were involved with WWII, OSS and the allied occupation force. The core group strongly appear to be WWII era veterans.

April 12, 2018

I am getting ready to make an official rough draft of Chapter 1 online. Thanks to those whose feedback has helped greatly to attempt to make this an enjoyable read.

April 7, 2018

I am finally almost hitting my literary stride. The Chapter 1 now online is becoming something I like and enjoy. Some more tweaking but almost there.


I decided to clean up the web site and format the content a little better. I am trying to be consistent and somewhere near professional.

April 2, 2018

I am now starting the actual Version 5 of this effort. I have decided on the approach and the course. This after a long hiatis for both personal and professional reasons.


HIMF will now be a fictional account based on actual events. Every major occurence and person will be based on real life entities. I will take artistic license to make the book enjoyable to read. A lot of dialog will be either vaguely accuarate of somewhat accurate since very little actual dialog or documentation exists.


I will do my best to make the pieces as accurate as possible. The content will be based on documented history, articles, publications and conversations. I will use some conjecture based on my intimate knowledge of some of the players and how they did things. I am duty bound to be as hontest as possible in my writings. The problem is centered around the fact that most of what is covered in this book was never supposed to be discussed. I am being absolutley sincere when I say the greatest efforts were taken to keep every aspect of these operations secret. In many places I connect the dots based on the character of the people involved.


I did spend 22 years of my life with my father – or as much as I could. I was personally involved and taken into confidence many times in many aspects of what he did. Both knowingly and unknowingly I was involved in a lot of this. Normally as an excuse to do things but yet involved.

March 30, 2018

Health scare, Blood Pressure 220 (should be 120). How I am still alive I have no clue why. Will be dealing with health issues for the forseeable future. On top of that my eyes have very bad cataracts and it is getting hard to read what I am writing. I will carry on as best I can.

February 27, 2018

I am seriously looking at using a character based off of Grayston Lynch as a central character for my book. At least there is some documentation available about him – even if it is only a fraction of what he actually did.


The man definitely had a life that movies are made about and lived to the ripe age of 85. Even though wounded in combat 3 times, 100+ very hazardous insertions into Cuba and much more, he beat the odds every time.

February 25, 2018

Amazing that after I went public with the "Blue Coat" security issue (used by many government and private entities to filter content) flagging this web site as "Suspicious", the filter was removed. It is now accessible from government buildings.


Amazing what happens when you get vocal.

February 17, 2018

HeIsMyFather.Com is now totally Cloud based. Within several days of getting it all moved and working "Blue Coat" security (used by many government and private entities to filter content) flagged this web site as "Suspicious" -- So much for freedom of speech…


As always, I am still committed to getting this material out there for all to read.

July 31, 2016

I have been spending the majority of my time between upgrading equipment, maintaining servers plus web pages and especially getting the ‘GoFundMe’ campaign into gear.

Hopefully the GoFundMe effort will kick into high gear soon and allow me to concentrate on serious writing. The simultaneous efforts on ‘GoFundMe’, ‘FaceBook’, ‘Twitter’, and more, takes a lot of time.

As always, the research is a real time killer and I am currently the only one doing all these efforts. Yet I am still committed to getting this material out there.

July 23, 2016

Now on GoFundMe: FaceBook: Twitter: -- @HeIsMyFatherCom HeIsMyFather.Com Authored by Thomas O'Hare, based on actual events. This is a novel about the Dark Warrior who had to "up and die" so his country's secrets would always remain that way. Written by the son who struggled to come to terms while searching for the answers no agency wants told. After 10 years of research I am determined to finish this story and put it all behind me. My goal is to work on this project full time for the next six months. The final research and story completion will require my full concentration. During the Cold War my father worked in the shadows on super secret operations that to this day have not come to light. When Watergate broke everything began to change at CIA. On December 22, 1974 a story appeared in the New York Times that marked the end of secret CIA "dirty" operations. All future dirty operations were then shuttled to BUNCIN (a part of BNDD later renamed DEA) in the name of drug enforcement. Three separate Senate committees were formed within two months to investigate. Three months after the story broke my father "up and died" and relocated outside the USA. Within a year several investigations (including FBI) and newspaper articles tried to figure out what happened to him. Thirty years later the infamous CIA "Family Jewels" was finally released that included most, but not all, the secret operations CIA carried out which were directly against their charter. Forty years after the fact I decided to find personal resolve and tell the complete story. This is a saga no one wants told and have gone to great lengths to try and conceal it. This cover up included the notorious CIA and Watergate "mouthpiece" who solicited his own investigators to lead the trail astray.
It is time to finally set the record straight...
Please donate whatever you can to this cause:

June 4, 2016

If you feel as though I may never finish this undertaking, I beat you to it! It's like walking through a desert in which there is no end in sight. Although I believe I have at last developed a vision and thus formulating a direction – finally! That was the battle, a scope and direction. Hopefully things will speed up now that I have a foundation on which to build.

May 23, 2016

Yes, I am still alive and still working on this crusade. A long gap has passed and it hits me the hardest seeing so little progress. One aspect is how do you follow a trail that was meant to lay hidden forever by men who were dedicated and excellent at their game. This will be a reader's book, and hopefully not just words on paper that only dribble and run on in circles.

March 20, 2016

Hopefully (?) I am finally making headway on finding a start to HIMF. Currently looking at Chapter 1 being a background or definition of Dark Warriors. Dark Warriors are really patterned after Black Operations (Black Ops) but are breathing persons as opposed to a tactical plan.


If you look at the definition of Black Ops at Wikipedia you can see that it can be an interchangeable description of Dark Warriors. Dark Warriors are the men who are living, breathing, Black Ops on two legs. In other words, Dark Warriors live a separate life and not a member of any Black Ops unit or official operation. Dark Warriors and Black Op's personnel are two totally separate groups of people. Dark Warriors are never ‘listed’ and especially never listed as Black Ops personnel as they are much ‘deeper’ -- their entire lives are lived as one very large Black Op. Black Ops operatives only spend maybe a few years as such.

March 7, 2016

I have revamped the entire web site content to reflect the new direction. A new Preface is now online along with the original Tables. The preface explains what set this group of characters apart from those that followed.


Now to try and create and outline and direction for Chapter 1 – for the 3rd time…

February 24, 2016

Here we go on the start of Version 3 of this story. It is a long road and six years later I am starting over from scratch.

February 18, 2016

With great pains I now fully realize I cannot write a factual account of my father's exploits. Instead, I must create a story-line in partial abstract covering the time line of 1960 to 1975. It appears that the story has 2 distinct parts:

1. The Bay of Pigs through the capture and execution of Che.

2. The rocky period of the Nixon years and Watergate to the point when my father made his now infamous exit.

The reason for this is based on conversations and communications with people that are mainly privy in nature. I cannot involve most of those people because they have family that I feel should stay protected (this is an unwritten rule of Shadow/Dark Warriors). That and the fact a number of them are deceased or at a point in life their physical health is in question. I had to look long and hard in the mirror to fully comprehend these are real people with real families and their lives could be seriously affected. So, with great discomfort I have been agonizing over a decision to abandon the documentary angle and take up a story line instead. With so much work already expended, it is a monumental task to dig in and begin climbing a new mountain. I am exhausted from hashing this story out for decades only to find the road has taken another turn and continues onward. The story line will turn into a loosely based account of actual people and events covered by a thin cloak of smoke to try and protect the player's families. I reserve the right to never expound on which details are known facts and which came with a little imagination. I dare say it will be easy for those familiar with history to figure out most of the story on their own. Just be warned I will never ‘confirm or deny’ any portions of the story as accurate.

January 23, 2016

There are times when in the pursuit of subject matter you find details that come back to haunt you after they finally make themselves known. I have decided to finally go for broke after 3 months of dealing with these issues. One fact now realized is most of the activities my father shared with me were not ‘father and son’ adventures as I had believed for many years. Accepting what became crystal clear is the cold fact he used me mainly to make his activities seem ‘trivial’ to anyone taking notice. Yes he took me to places like Jacksonville, St. Petersburg, the Florida Keys and Patrick AFB, but now I know that was for his operational cover. It took me a while to fully understand what actually transpired and accept this fact I chose not to see. The common denominator of all these trips and activities was he would drop me off for an hour or three with a fishing pole (or whatever) while he made his clandestine meetings. He would then pick me up and we would make our way back home never accounting for the time he left me alone. That was a terribly tough pill to finally swallow, but I have… I also decided to go ahead and discuss his links to the Bay of Pigs CIA operations that were later directly involved with Dallas. And to fully discuss the people in the shadows whom I cannot deny were his CIA contract handlers and cohorts. Especially the ones involved with tracking down Che to the Congo and the formation of BUNCIN – the CIA Black Ops new name with transferred CIA agents and assets. I have found direct links from 2 acknowledged CIA employees and one Mercenary hired by CIA to my father operations. I will be describing their role in the book in a time-line spanning from the Bay of Pigs fiasco to Dallas and on to the Congo and more. I will also show proof President Lyndon Johnson was personally briefed on the activities of the one mercenary in the Congo on the trail of Che Guevara with full support of multiple CIA assets in his daily briefings. There is undeniable links between mercenaries, CIA contract agents, special operations units and my father's operations. Some details I had wanted to leave out but the facts are now undeniable. Confirming the darkest affairs affected me more than I had realized but now accept.

January 15, 2016

I am finally returning to my work after some personal business and a self imposed sabbatical of several months. I am facing the daunting task of tracking operators who employed every measure to insure their trail was never discovered. The challenge has left me with the distinct impression I am chasing after ghosts.


During my sabbatical I came to the conclusion the ghosts are real and is the main reason why this story has never been told before now. The task of trying to track and document the main characters involved tends to require more time and effort then I thought would be required. A maze of trails has unfolded and requires time and effort to research what is almost impossible to glimpse. The tangents I found were numerous and of such slim detail which, when looking back, made me realize I had to get back on track with actual writing tasks. Part of the new material will cover the efforts taken to hide the trail of the best special operators. In essence, if there isn't a trail, then they do not exist – almost…

October 20, 2015

I am finally posting this page from the main page to be available to all visitors. I will be posting scraps of information here and then finally incorporating those into the book as part of the story.

October 10, 2015

I am researching a new tangent that started around the same time Watergate was producing bad press and CIA was being placed in a very uncomfortable position – in plain sight. The agency must have branches that operate in total secrecy without prying eyes. Hence the new organization called ‘Bureau of Narcotics Counter Intelligence Network’ (BUNCIN). BUNCIN was staffed by Bureau of Narcotics operatives – and ‘former’ CIA operators with CIA backing. Some of whom were long term, hard core, CIA case officers with long backgrounds in special warfare and special operations. In other words, the best of the best. BUNCIN was now the CIA arm tasked with dirty operations under the guise of anti-narcotics operations. But in truth it was narcotics people and CIA shadow warriors working on a global scale and in the shadows. The narcotics personnel and CIA people would clash over the purpose and scope of this new agency. But without doubt as Watergate gained traction with the press, BUNCIN was carrying out the dirty jobs CIA had previously performed. All this in the expectations of moving dirty jobs out of scrutiny of Federal and news agency investigators looking into CIA, and moving them into the murky world of drug kingpins on a global scale. And of course in CIA eyes the biggest drug rings ‘had to be’ working with Communist groups as a source of revenue and way to poison the minds of the masses of their foes.


I only stumbled upon this connection while researching some of my father's top contacts at CIA. This was a totally unexpected find while tracking a very reclusive group of hard core CIA assets. It has been a long detour while burning a lot of midnight oil to find only a few scraps of information pertaining to this new group, their activities and their directly linked CIA placed counterparts.

September 23, 2015

This page is created after a large writing gap. As pages continue organizations such as BUNCIN, details of Presidential eyes only Top Secret daily briefings (PDB), and the Congo campaign will be explained.


Stay tuned...

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